Expanded Cork Board


Nature and technology: the perfect solution

The insulation materials are manufactured using natural raw materials such as cork and coconut.Thermal and acoustic insulation solutions are expanded corkboards, regranulates and boards/rolls of coconut fibre, environmentally friendly, 100% natural materials with excellent technical performance.

The unique characteristics of the product grant it a high degree of thermal, acoustic and anti-vibratic insulation. For this reason it is used in the construction of oil pipelines, airports, buildings, wine cellars and the refrigeration industry, as well as spaces dedicated to leisure activities.

Expanded Corkboards

  • thermal, acoustic and anti-vibratic insulation material
  • 100% natural, renewable raw material
  • natural industrial process (no additives)
  • unlimited durability with no loss of its characteristics
  • totally recyclable
  • excellent dimensional stability (even when subject to high thermal variation)
  • density: 110/120 kgs/m3
  • thermal conductivity coefficient 0.038/0.40 W/Mk
  • low energetic consumption (93% of cork, 7% of electricity)

Main applications:

exterior walls; double walls; flat and sloping coverings; floating paving slab (impact noise); partitions; door insulation; prefabricated wooden houses; thermal and acoustic wooden panels; expansion/dilatation joints (adequate density); external frontages on view (MDF quality frontage).


Why Cork?