Mission & Vision


To provide comprehensive products that focus on delivering environmental friendly and efficient solutions for the construction industry.


To lead the industry with impeccable commitment to standards, quality, productivity and customer satisfaction.


MBM philosophy is one of working closely in partnership with our customers in order to supply them with the best solutions available.
We are equally comfortable working with the customer from the start of a new project or towards the end when a last minute request has surfaced.

Health & Well-being

Our Health and Safety policy sets out to promote 'Best Practice' to deliver a safe working environment and a healthy quality-of-life for our employees.

Environmental Policy

  • Comply with all relevant statutory environmental requirements.
  • Achieve good environmental standards in all activities including the reduction, controls, handling, use, storage and disposal of waste and prevention of pollution.
  • Make economic use of energy, water and all other resources to minimize waste in all aspects of the business.
  • Assess regularly the environmental impact resulting from business operations and remain fully informed of recognized best practices.
  • Communicate this policy to company customers, contractors, suppliers and employees and encourage their active involvement.
  • Include environmental issues in training programs to increase employee awareness and active involvement.
  • Set environmental business objectives and targets for improvement which will be regularly monitored and reviewed.
  • Maintain contingency plans where a foreseeable risk of environmental incident exists.